Chemical Market Resources, Inc. was established in 1990 to undertake business research and strategic planning for a global clientele base concentrated in the chemical, petrochemical, plastics, and allied industries.

In September, 2014 CMR, Inc.  was acquired by TZ Minerals International (TZMI). CMR now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of TZMI.


Founded in 1994, TZMI is an independent consulting company which specializes in all aspects of the mineral sands, TiO2 pigment, titanium metal, zircon and coatings industries. TZMI is unique in that it has technical and operational experience, together with strategic and commercial competency, to provide a full service offering to clients. Clients range from the world’s 500 largest companies through to mid-sized companies and small businesses, including titanium feedstock producers, TiO2 pigment producers, and a range of titanium metal, paint and coatings and financial institutions.

In the last 20 years TZMI has grown from being a company that focused primarily on providing reports and publications, to one that provides a complete range of technical and market strategy assignments including single client services as well as comprehensive industry reviews.

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is to provide our clients with thoroughly researched market reports emphasizing:

  • Emerging trends in the industry
  • Changes in technology, and
  • Assisting them in formulating their strategy for their success.s

Our talented team of professionals consists of Chemical Engineers and MBAs, all highly trained and skilled in the latest business research techniques, thus providing highly qualified marketing research and strategic planning assistance for better decision making.

Utilizing the most current analytical tools for marketing research and strategic planning puts us ahead of our competition. Our strength is in closely interacting with clients to maximize the effectiveness of our studies. We provide in-depth research combined with thorough analysis in a cost effective and timely fashion.

To us, every project we take on is an opportunity to demonstrate our passion for excellence and pride in our work. It is this very commitment to excellence that makes us the preferred business research provider to top tier companies worldwide.





Rod joined the Chemical Market Resources, Inc. team in 2015.

Rod has extensive 20+ experience in sales, marketing/business development, strategic opportunity assessment, product concept definition; economic model creation, cost/revenue projections, product design, pricing strategy, packaging and channel development as well as value pricing modeling, customer need evaluation, industry trends, market research and segmentation, competitive analysis and marketing strategies for molecules and polymers to the petrochemical and bio‐based spaces.

Experience in M&A activities from identifying targets, partnership selection criterion, due diligence efforts, valuations comparisons, deal flow options and deal flow closure activities.


Industry experience includes Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Olefins, Specialty PP Polymers, Base Chemicals and Derivative Chemicals to Converting Processes & Market Applications.

Project types have included Business Unit Strategies Development, Product Portfolio Assessment and Optimization, Capital Project Assessments, Technology Assessment, Licensing Strategy Development, R&D Strategies Development and Corporate & Marketing Strategies.

Special skills include taking wholistic approach to new product concepts to commercialization. Evaluations of building block molecules to end use products; assessing feedstock options, technologies options and value chain collaborations to gain competitive or advantaged economics for product launches.

Have worked on projects in North America, Europe, Middle East, India, South America and Southeast Asia.

Prior companies were TOTAL, Tate & Lyle, Eastman Chemical Company and DSM.


BS Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.

Rod is married. He and his wife live in Kingsport, TN, along with their two children.


Prashanth joined CMR in 2012

Prashanth has been actively involved since in the market analysis and providing strategic options for products such as polyethylenes, other plastics, C4 (Butadiene) & C5 (DCPD, Piperylene), rubbers, plasticizers, tie-layer resins, bioplastics, and bio-chemicals


Worked on several polyethylene‐related confidential single client studies

Assisted a major North American polyethylene producer in planning their new polyethylene plant

Assisted a major petrochemical company in Southeast Asia in planning a petrochemical complex and analyzing their downstream product portfolio

Provided strategic analysis for a global private equity firm evaluating a confidential buyout

Assisted a major Asian petrochemical company in assessing the impact of shale gas on the Asian petrochemical business

Helped Asian petrochemical companies connect with North American suppliers of raw materials

Helped Asian petrochemical companies connect with distributors and converters in North America and Europe

Skills include identifying applications drivers, growth drivers, region drivers, historical/current/future supply and demand


M.S. Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA

B.Tech Chemical Engineering, J.N.T. University, India


Shreekanta has experience as a research analyst with knowledge of petrochemical industry in business market research and economic analysis in polyolefins.


Project types have included Polyolefin Technology Assessment and R&D Strategies Development.

Participated in custom studies involving business/market intelligence, strategic planning for clients in polyolefins sector and catalysts.

Authored multi‐client report on polypropylene fibers


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology at Rolla, MO.

BS Chemical Engineering from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology at Bangalore, India.

“Flow Regime Identification in Three Multiphase Reactors Based on Kolmogorov Entropies Derived from Gauge Pressure Fluctuations”, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan; Volume 45, Issue 8, 2012, Pages 757‐764.

“Study of Solids and Gas Distribution in Spouted Bed Operated In Stable and Unstable Conditions”, Journal of Engineering Research and Applications; Volume 4, Issue 2, 2014, Pages 1‐6.

“A Feasibility study for identifying flow regime transitions in a fluidized bed using Gamma Ray Densitometry Technique”, submitted to Journal of Flow Measurement & Instrumentation [Under Review].

“A New Calibration Methodology for Optical Fiber probes in Multiphase Reactors for Volume Fraction Measurement”, submitted to Journal of Chemical Engineering Science [Under Review].


Ben joined the Chemical Market Resources, Inc. team in 2014

Prior to joining to CMR, Ben was a research consultant at University of Texas for technology assessment and market evaluation, as well a process engineer in clean energy industry.


Have worked on a proprietary specialty polypropylene study for an Asian producer

As a part of commercial team for Asian Clean Technology company, evaluated market opportunities in North America and Africa, and developed business strategies for expansion activities

Worked on technology assessment on shale gas hydraulic fracturing tools for University of Texas

Provided market assessment on non‐toxic EVA foam and TPE foam for Asian converter


MS in Technology Commercialization from University of Texas at Austin

MS in Chemical Engineering from National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan

BS in Applied Chemistry from National Kaohsiung University in Kaohsiung ,Taiwan

“Organometallic polymers based on fluorene‐bridged bis‐benzimidazolylidene via direct ligand–metal coordination: synthesis, characterization and optical properties”, Polymer Chem., 3, 2776-2784


“…The attention to detail and strategic direction you provide are the real pluses. You provide a service that many in the Global chemical industry appreciate and praise…”

“…Your Company has a strong record of delivering high quality work in a very professional manner. We have found the analyses to be superb, complete and valuable for our business decision process…”

“…Time and again, CMR Inc. delivered accurate, complete analysis with insightful suggestions that helped us position ourselves very well…”

“…The insightful interpretations in Polyolefins & Elastomers Strategic Analysis are yet another proof of your in-depth industry involvement …”

“…All the work you have done for us was concise, timely your staff is the best in the industry…”

“…The level of attention to details and professionalism that was demonstrated is truly credit to you and your organization…”

“…The project exhibited the thoroughness and professionalism we have come to expect from your organization year after year…”

“…You are the best combination of high level technical knowledge with equally high business savvy. A rare combination…”

“…You always put our staff’s interests at the forefront and make them look good to our top management…”.