Since 1990, Chemical Market Resources (CMR) has completed more than 500 projects for over 200 clients including feedstock suppliers, monomer and polymer producers, compounders, convertors, fabricators, distributors, end-users, technology licensors, traders, and investors. Our consulting services have covered a broad range of topics across polymers, plastics, chemicals, and petrochemicals.

An illustrative list of projects CMR has completed is provided below. Please contact us for more information or to learn how CMR can be of assistance to you.

Market Research
  • Analyzed global mHDPE and mLDPE markets
  • Assessed global metallocene polypropylene markets
  • Profiled the global market characteristics of HMS PP
  • Sized the US polystyrene markets with end-user analysis
  • Assessed C3-4 olefins from FCC streams in North America
  • Sized global metallocene polyethylene markets (LLDPE, POP, POE)
  • Researched markets for glacial acrylic acid and butyl acrylate
  • Studied characteristics of the global extrusion coating markets
  • Researched markets for levulinic acid and levulinic acid esters
  • Researched SBS and SEBS based adhesive and sealant markets
  • Global analysis of specialty zeolite markets in refinery applications
  • Analyzed global polyurethane markets for producers and utilization
Opportunity Analysis
  • Analyzed opportunities for the use of Ziegler-Natta catalyst in the manufacture of high impact polypropylene
  • Global opportunity analysis of polylactic acid (PLA) to assess the quality of products and the competition in that market
  • Investigated opportunities and competitive approaches for high butadiene K-resin in medical and specialty tubing applications
  • Developed a JV strategy for a multinational petrochemical company for identifying partners in HDPE, LLDPE and PP producing technologies
  • Examined bio-based propylene glycol, 1,3-propanediol, and glycerin use in household, personal care, food, coatings, laminates and pharma
Technology Assessment
  • Analyzed glyoxylic acid and glycolic acid process technologies
  • Evaluated various plasticizers including non-phthalate plasticizers
  • Proposed characteristics of PP and formaldehyde based catalysts
  • Conducted technical assessments of PE and PP foams and fibers
  • Investigated the impact of shale gas developments on PP markets
  • Assessed the use of s-SBR in high performance tires for many clients
Strategic Planning
  • Developed strategies for isopropanol based investments
  • Devised new methodologies in upstream, PE, PP spaces
  • Proposed strategy for m-C2-4 plastomers and elastomers
  • Conducted feasibility analysis for triethylaluminum catalysts
  • Proposed strategies for involving gamma butyrolactone (GBL)
  • Investigated metallocene polypropylene random copolymer resins
Competitive Intelligence
  • Examined leader grades for m-LLDPE
  • Analyzed competition in glycol products
  • Studied tie layer resin market competition
  • Assessed competition in synthetic papers
  • Analyzed competitor SBC product portfolio
  • End-user competitive study for MEK polymer
Costs and Economics
  • Investigated prices of polyurethane latex
  • Led feasibility studies for new IPA plants
  • Assessed cash costs of polyolefin resins
  • Forecasted pricing for bio-based ethanol
  • Analyzed global pricing for POE and POP
  • Analyzed production cost of DCPD resins
M&A Support
  • Identified players in the PUR markets
  • Assisted in merger of polyolefin assets
  • Led risk assessments for asset mergers
  • Conducted due diligence for PE/PP clients
  • Assisted acquisition of plasticizer business
  • Acquired customer insights on PS products