Individual clients are supplied a specific, detailed analysis of their selected industry sector supported by tables and charts. The client is given a presentation plus a written report for this custom consulting service. CMR has conducted such studies for most major polyolefins suppliers and end-users.

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  • Markets for Synthetic Polyolefin Pulps

  • Manufacturing Cost Economics - Melamine Dinnerware

  • Impact of AIDS on Disposable Medical Plastics

  • Opportunities for High Impact Clarity Polymers in Limited Reusable Medical Products

  • Markets for Unsaturated Polyester Resins in North America and Europe

  • Global Analysis of SB Copolymers (SBS, SIS & SEBS)

  • Opportunities for Metallocene-Based Elastomeric Homopolymer Polypropylene

  • APP/APAO vs. SB Copolymers - Markets, Technologies & Trends

  • High EVA Copolymers - Supply, Demand and Future Trends

  • North American Flexible PVC markets and Technologies

  • Compounding Cost Analysis of Rigid PVC Applications

  • Vinyl Ester Resins: Supply, Demand and Technologies

  • North American Acrylic (PMMA) Sheet Markets - Opportunity Analysis

  • Sucrose Based Polyols: Suppliers and Markets, North America

  • Mannich Polyols: Suppliers, Markets & Technologies - North America

  • Polyether Polyols and Flexible Polyurethane Foams: Manufacturing Cost Analysis

  • North American TEP Market Opportunities: TPOs, TPVs, COPEs, TPUs

  • Polypropylene Films Markets, Technologies & Trends in North America, Europe and Japan

  • Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) Copolymer Markets, North America

  • Tie Layer Resins - Markets, Technologies and Trends - North America, Europe and Japan

  • Strategic Industry Overview: Polypropylene, North America Polyolefin Foams: Markets, Technologies & Trends - North America, Europe & Japan

  • SB Rubbers: Worldwide Customer Image Analysis

  • Markets for Heat Transfer Fluids

  • Markets for Ethylene and Propylene Glycols

  • Market Opportunities for Drilling Fluids in North America

  • Opportunities for Micro Titanium Dioxide in North America

  • Diphenyl Oxide - North American Consumption Balance

  • North American Market Opportunities for Tall and Rosin Oils

  • Product Positioning for Alpha Methyl Styrene

  • Markets for Methyl Diisocyanate (Monomeric and Polymeric)

  • Markets for Polyglycerine Bottoms

  • Opportunity Analysis for a New Sulfuric Acid Plant on US Gulf Coast

  • DCPD Value Analysis in UPRs

  • North American Market Opportunities for Benzoic Acid

  • Strategic Analysis of IPA Unit Mothballing in Europe

  • Manufacturing and Competitive Cost Positioning of Bis-TMC

  • Metal Working Fluids: Manufacturing Cost Analysis